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The Top 11 Awesome Movies for Action Aficionados, David Leadbeater, @dleadbeater2011
Aug 29

The Top 11 Awesome Movies for Action Aficionados

By David | Movies

Top 11 Awesome Action Movies And in no particular order. But, admit it, for action/adventure fans and for an action/adventure writer, this had to be done at some point, right? First, I think I should explain which elements I look for in a great, not good, action movie. Fun. Surprise. Escapism. Commitment from the actors […]

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PressiveFI - 50K Garage-Lotus Exige
Aug 19

How to Make a 50K Garage Awesome

By David | Cars

Since I was eight-years-old I have loved cars. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m a boy. Maybe it’s because my dad loved bikes. In that time, I’ve had many opportunities to conjure up my perfect dream garage. So where we start? Do we hit the 1-2 million mark straight away or start at […]

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