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Tuning Memorable and Favourite Cinema Super Cars

From Bullit to The Rock and even Transformers we have always had supercars in movies. But which are the best and, more importantly, which are best used? Here are a few of my favourites.

The aforementioned Bullit and French Connection are stand-out ‘car-chase’ movies, the Mustang and the Pontiac Le Mans starring in two of the greatest chase scenes of all time. Moving forward but staying with the Mustang, we have the infamous Eleanor from Gone in 60 Seconds, and despite what you might think of the film, the car itself was utilised perfectly.

So supercars in movies? I must admit to having a joyous moment during The Wolf of Wall Street, when the white Countach came along and I know it’s not a movie, but the Ferrari Daytona in the Miami Vice series was rather moving and well employed. Speaking of TV series remember the Gran Torino in Starsky and Hutch and the brief De Tomaso Pantera in Breaking Bad?

Not many car/rally movies around these days. No Cannonball Runs. No Gumball Rally’s. Not even a Smokey and the Bandit racing past our screen in his black Trans Am. But then superheroes and vampires don’t need to drive cars in action scenes, right? It’s enough to simply pull up in the odd R8. I think I’d prefer to see Tony Stark, powerless and suited up, forced to cram himself into a supercar and give chase. . .

In closing, it’s fair to say that the Fast and Furious movies love their vehicles and use them really well. The Need for Speed had some great cars but lacked in everything else. So which movie gave us everything? The car. The action. The script. The humour. The excitement. . .

The Italian Job? Pure class with Michael Caine and even the modern take had its moments. Bad Boys? Love the scene near the end where they’re heading down the runway towards the narrow gap with two cars. It’s all about the speed and the driver. And on the back of that I can’t leave without mentioning Rush. Not a supercar movie, but possibly the best driving movie ever made.

What have I missed?