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If you like your books action-packed, hard to put down, and with a healthy dose of humour you've come to the right place! The Matt Drake series is a constantly evolving thrill-a-minute romp based in the action-adventure genre.



One of the lost ancient wonders of the world is still out there. . .

In the same style as the Matt Drake series comes The Relic Hunters, a novel packed with camaraderie, action, archaeological mysteries and a brand-new team of hard-hitting, entertaining and highly engaging characters.

Guy Bodie is a relic smuggler, a tough man in a tough world, with self-taught skills in smuggling and combat. He trusts only five people, a proven team, until one of them betrays him, landing him in a hellish Mexican prison. Guy Bodie’s chances of survival are diminishing by the minute.

To his surprise, the American CIA then break him out, tell him to hand-pick a team, and start right back at his old job – only this time he’s working for them – chasing down the most infamous relics in history and trying to solve the greatest heist – how one of the world’s seven ancient wonders was once stolen and then concealed.

With thrilling action across the globe, The Relic Hunters begins a new series in the Matt Drake vein of archaeological mystery, historical adventures and team camaraderie.





When an old document is found describing the locations of four terrible weapons that, when combined, will have the power to end the world, Matt Drake and his team are plunged into an incredible non-stop archaeological adventure.

From Africa to Asia, Europe and America, they follow the clues to the graves of the Four Horsemen – War, Conquest, Famine and Death, discovering the tomb of Attila the Hun and following in the footsteps of Genghis Kahn. The Four Horsemen reveal the four weapons – new versions of ancient, apocalyptical disasters. And worse, the team find they are racing against other competing nations to find the weapons first.

As they struggle to stay one step ahead; as they delve deeper into their interpersonal relationships, a new enemy is revealed. . . an enemy from within. America is not happy with the SPEAR team and have issued an order to end their contract. SEAL team 7 is on the way.

The Four Corners of the Earth combines all the trademarks of a rollicking Matt Drake adventure, with a new twist of danger from a direction they could never have predicted.

MU - 3dL - The Four Corners of the Earth

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Matt Drake encounters mystery, thrills and horror in the vast mountains of Peru.

When legendary treasures from a long-lost hoard start drip-feeding through the black market, Drake and the rest of the SPEAR team are tasked to track down the mysterious seller. From Paris to Lyon and Monaco they hunt for clues through the lavish auction houses.

Then everything changes. Their single-minded hunt ends in Peru where they find remote villages beset nightly by el monstruo—monster. Unable to walk away, Drake and his colleagues promise to help and find themselves embroiled in the centre of something poles apart from anything they’ve encountered before.

As they defend the villages and search for the old Inca treasure, they are forced to confront new terrors: mountain men who abide by an ancient, ghastly practice; a desolate chateau owned by their king and an ill-advised attempt to infiltrate the depraved community’s heart.

Inca Kings comes fully loaded with action, archaeological adventure, team spirit, new revelations, and a remarkably different storyline, guaranteed to provoke your imagination.


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The Torsten Dahl stand-alone Thriller, an Amazon Kindle EXCLUSIVE.


An idyllic family vacation in Barbados goes terribly wrong when Torsten Dahl is spotted by the one man with reason to hate him most in all the world.

With his marriage already crumbling and his defenses down, Dahl is finding it hard to switch between the soldier’s discipline and a family unit. When their hotel is attacked by gunmen they are forced to flee blindly with no phones, no ID, and no money. It gets worse when Dahl realizes his wife, two daughters and himself are being singled out and hunted down by a dangerous army that includes corrupt local authorities.

As the chase continues through Barbados’s darkening streets, aboard a pirate cruise ship, and amidst a festive carnival parade, Dahl realizes there are even deeper nightmares abroad tonight. The island’s prime minister is under threat. The leader of one of the world’s most violent drug cartels has arrived.

And though instincts say run, hide, just survive, there is only one thing a man like Dahl will do when his wife and daughters come under direct threat.

Stand His Ground.

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