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The Treasures of Saint Germain (14)

An unrelenting chase.
An archaeological quest.
A devastating betrayal.
Matt Drake returns with a vengeance!

From Paris to Barcelona, from Zurich to London, and with a thrilling finale in New Orleans, Matt Drake and his team track down the clues, the traitors, and the criminals in their most gripping and cryptic quest yet.

The legend of Saint Germain has never been solved. Friend to kings and commanders. Virtuoso? Alchemist? Immortal? Ascended Master? Did he discover the Philosopher’s Stone and the Elixir of Life? Tyler Webb thinks so. He’ll stop at nothing and leave nobody alive in the final pursuit of his life’s dream.

Matt Drake leads the chase through museums and libraries, laboratories and palaces, and finally to the vibrant streets of New Orleans and the famous banks of the Mississippi, where all hell breaks loose and the SPEAR team find themselves in the most desperate battle of their lives.

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